Wallowing in indecision on which character to play, I decided to log in and craft some essentials for the ‘army’.  After all, an army doesn’t run without supplies..

I like crafting.  In any game I play I usually putter away at leveling a crafter or two and EQ II has one of my favorite systems for crafters.  I like making things…even virtually and so I’ve been slowly working towards having one crafter of each type.

No sooner had I logged on when I got a tell from one of my guildmates.  Mutz and I had spent a bit of time together leveling up a couple of characters.  I’d been trying out the Conjurer class and he was leveling up a Dirge.  We actually did quite well as a pair.  A great deal of the credit goes to Mutz, since he’s a really excellent player.  He has a really keen sense of humor and a dry wit, so I find playing with him a lot of fun.  Voice chat in EQ II is incredibly good and easy so it makes it a snap to talk to people while grouping and questing, which makes the time pass quickly.  Even more than passing the time I believe it really fosters a true friendship amongst people who regularly group together.  You learn about them and their lives in the same kind of way you would if you were chatting while watching a sporting event or having a cup of coffee at a local shop.  I’d missed lots of people after I’d stopped playing and Mutz was one of the ones I’d missed the most, so I jumped at the chance to group.

I decided to run my Troubadour, Shaylala, since I felt she’s mesh the best with Mutz’s Fury.  The next couple of hours went quickly and very enjoyably.  It was just like I’d remembered and his sly wit and knowledgeable playstyle made the time fly.  I didn’t level but I came close, so it was both fun and productive.

There were a couple of people I spent a lot of time with in game.  People I came to know through laughter and play.  Even though I like the games and enjoy the characters and the world… when all’s said and done, it’s the people who make or break the experience.  I’ve been fortunate this round of gaming to meet some of the best.