Before I get to the meat of the post I’ll digress a moment here…

I’ve always been one for text more than pictures, it’s not that I don’t appreciate the beauty or humor or whatever in the visual, I do… but blogs for me have always been more about the writing than the pictures in them.  My esteemed husband has pointed out that I’m in the minority and people find blogs without accompanying visuals…well, boring.  So, I found myself reluctant to post, for lack of the aforementioned visuals.  So, I found a screenshot that perfectly illustrated what I wanted to show in the post and now I’m having an adventure getting it to be the right size for here.  But the whole experience has made me interested in how apparently we’ve come to rely so completely on pictures from outside our imaginations.

Anyway…I truly did digress, now on to the actual matter at hand…

When I started this project I had a clear goal in mind.  I wanted to level one of each class.  It’s a lot of classes and even though a year is a long time, it’s asking a lot to cram  all of that leveling into that short time.

I’m good at leveling.  I’m able to level fast if I so choose and altho0ugh I’d felt it would be a race to finish, it wouldn’t be an impossible goal.

Now, I’m not so sure..

You see, I didn’t count on one of my own personal little quirks.  Sometimes I feel like my mind is littered with all kinds of things. They are crammed in there much like the houses you see on those shows with the poor pitiful people who can’t bring themselves to throw away anything.   Inside the space my psyche has carved out for MMOs, I’ve crammed I can’t seem to let go of anything.

My character needs to experience all I can give them, and one of the huge strengths of Everquest II is the unbelievable amount of content.  There are so many things available for character development that having just one fully developed character is tough, let alone having the stated goal of 24.

As I began this project I had been leveling crafters.  I like crafting in EQ II.  There is a lot you can do with it, but it isn’t overly complex and I find it fun.  My guild leader will tell you that means I’m nutz, but she just doesn’t appreciate the serenity of it.  I’d been gradually maxing the level on all the basic crafters and I should have either completed all of them before starting this, or let them go.

I wasn’t able to do that….

I should have known.  Sometimes I have a sneaking suspicion I have some weird form of OCD. It manifests itself in things like the fact that I took two entire days to make bags and boxes for every character.  What was up with that?  it’s not like my level 5 Defiler has to have 264 slots for all her newbie junk…but it took me two days before I felt I could start.

My inventory on my high level characters is a nightmare.  It reminds me of the shot of the house above.  I have kept everything… every bit of crap I might some day need.  The only things I get rid of are things that are obviously junk like ‘ethereal antenna’ and ‘intact insect jaw’.  But all the equipment and books and crafting material I either haul around or store somewhere…

EQ II gives you a tremendous storage allowance.  You can store things in your bank, in your inventory, at your house and for sale.  I’ve filled them all.  Much like the screen shot of one of my favorite houses in Neriak.   But I’m determined to conquer this.  I don’t want to end up with an intervention from some version of Norath’s Reality Show for Hoarders.  So, I’m making an effort to clean up and clear out.

We’ll see how it goes….