So here’s a proposition… 24 characters, one of each class in Everquest II, leveled to maximum level within one year.

Why do this?  Especially because it’s kind of nuts… Everquest II is an older game, that’s a lot of characters and quite frankly, who cares?  Well, at this point in my life I’ve come to realize that gaming should be all about having fun.  It’s not about pleasing someone else.  It’s all about what I want out of the game and what I find enjoyable.  It’s also about what I find challenging and what keeps me coming back for more.

And what I like is exploring as much of the content as I can.  A big part of that for me has always been playing different character classes.   So here’s my year long experiment in experiencing all the various classes in Everquest II.  I’ll come here and talk about how the leveling experience has been for the various classes.  I’ll see how fast or slow it goes.

I’m not starting out from level 1 with every character.  I have three accounts and I’ve already played several characters to various levels. As I go along I may make a few rules or I may keep it completely free form, but right now..the only goal is to take what you see on the sidebar and have 24 characters to level 90 by this time next year.

We’ll see just how crazy that makes me…