Okay so I’ve launched myself into this crazy project, but just where am I going to start?  Sometimes I obsess over the details, so much so that it can end up miring whatever I’m doing down to the point of grinding everything to a halt.  In my life sometimes I will feel paralyzed and not able to start something unless I have worked out all the minutia.  I don’t want to do this here.  This is supposed to be fun!

So instead of obsessing over whether or not I should wait until I have everyone equipped with boxes and bags, or any number of other insignificant details, I’m going to just sort of plow into it all.

I have a great guild and a really tolerant guild leader.  She let me add all umpteen of my characters into the guild which will be a huge help while leveling.  Although access to ports and other conveniences in the guild hall will speed the leveling process, it’s also the friendship that will help  me along on the project.  I guess that’s what is at the heart of any really great guild, the joy of the shared experience, whether it’s with people who are hardcore raiders or people who just are there to chat.  Our guild is a bit of both with a nice mix of people.  People I like.

Everquest II is a game rich in things to do, so it would be easy for me to totally get lost right at the beginning.  There are houses and tradeskills and shinies and quests, quests, quests.  My goal is to actually try to learn the character class as I’m leveling instead of just speeding through everything.  We’ll see how that goes!  🙂

So..first things first, pick a character…and off I go!