It’s been a long time since I updated.  Lots and lots has happened.  Right after I started the project my life took a really wild turn.  My husband and I started talking about maybe buying a house.  We decided to do it, started looking and bought a really great one.  This of course meant that I’ve been snowed under with real life things (very good real life things) for many months now.  You never really know how much goes into owning a home until you get one.

But things are starting to mellow out and I’ve been able to get back a  bit into EQ II to work on my project.

I’ve dithered back and forth on just how to approach this and I’ve finally decided that I’m going to finish leveling up my two highest non maxed characters and go from there.  It’s easy to get the levels on the lower level ones… harder on the higher levels.  I’m going to continue working on them until they are out of rest XP then move to other characters while they build it back up.  I figure that’s the best way to maximize the XP gain.

I guess we’ll see in the coming days how it goes.